Taffy Peppers and his faithful sidekick, Pennygum, give you the performance of a lifetime at a just-short-of-sold-out-crowd at the Velveteen Lounge just located off-off-off-off-off the main strip in Vegas. With Thomas Middleditch as Taffy Peppers, Alex Burke as Pennygum, and directed by Charlie Fonville.

TESLA & DUFRESNE Starring Emmet Fessenger Dufresne: Matt Gourley Vance Tesla: Jeremy Carter Flummoxed Waiter: Mark McConville Chef David Childs: Paul F. Tompkins 

Starring Tony Thaxton, Jonah Ray and Sam Brown. Directed by NEIL MAHONEY. Audio originally heard on the Feliz Navipod podcast. Nerd: Cash Hartzell Voiceover: JJ Surma Produced by Clint Trucks, Charlie Fonville and Tony Thaxton.

Shunt McGuppin Starring Shunt McGuppin: Jeremy Carter Engineer Vern: Mark McConville Dane Mansfeild, Producer to the Stars: Paul F. Tompkins Directed and Edited by Charlie Fonville Produced by Clinton Trucks and Charlie Fonville Director of Photography: Jen White Associate Producer: Aaron H.

Murder is the solution to most of life's problems. Richard Harrow is here to help.

Country music legend Shunt McGuppin, shares the holiday dish he desires, with a garnish of vulgarity.

Web Series for The Dirty Heads